With PeerBook You Star

In Your Own Video Yearbook!

Document All Of Your High School Memories All In One App

Memories Documented For A Lifetime!

You, your peers, parents and faculty upload pictures and videos throughout your school year in the PeerBook App specific to your year and interests.

It is like being the chairman for your own yearbook committee.


July 2015

Signature Feature

Sign other Classmate’s PeerBook with several advanced options including Video!


Personalized Account Creation

Filter Options Screen iPhone 6Save photos of you, your friends and memorable events throughout the school year straight to your profile. Tag them with tags like Prom, Football, and Chess for a more personalized experience.


Management Tools

Review and Remove “Flagged” Content, as well as Manage their Content by Categories

“My Profile” System

Allows User to set-up and edit Basic Account Profile Information, as well as provides User the ability to Browse and Edit their own uploaded Content

Media Posting

Post photos and videos to your PeerBook as well as view the photos and videos your classmates have posted.

Interactive Feed System

Allows User to Browse Content on High School Feed Screen, including both Video and Photos, as well as Engaging on Feed Content


Words Provide An Expression

Video Leaves An Impression

The PeerBook Video Signature feature allows you to leave a video message as well as a traditional written note.



Look back and watch videos and pictures from dances, games and all your favorite experiences in your PeerBook. Relive your High School memories all from one app: PeerStars.


Coming Soon!